Free Executive Brief Reveals…

The Top 10 Ways Hackers Get Around Your Firewall And Anti-Virus To Rob You Blind

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and hackers are setting their sights on small and medium businesses who are “low hanging fruit.” Don’t be their next victim! This report reveals the most common ways that hackers get in and how to protect yourself today.

In this free executive brief, we cover:


The #1 threat to your business that even the BEST firewalls and anti-virus software can’t protect against (and what you need to do now to remedy it).


A common misconception about employee devices on your office network and exactly what you need to do now to shut this down immediately.


The shocking facts about why small business are the #1 target of cybercriminals - more than half of the reported cyber attacks are focused on small business for this one main reason that is easily fixed.


How to keep your network secure with the proliferation of mobile devices, cloud applications, e-mail, and social media sites connecting to your computer network.

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They Have Been Incredibly Responsive And Proactive In Critical Situations. We Are Delighted With Their Services!

George Washington’s Mount Vernon (GWMV) selected US Resources to manage our IT systems because they demonstrated exceptional technical capabilities, a unique understanding of the challenges of supporting Historic Homes, Estates and Museums, and were willing to design a customized plan that complemented our current in-house capabilities.

They didn’t force a “one-size-fits-all” plan on us, but instead built a custom approach that allowed us to build a 24/7 support plan that enhanced our ability to support our 365-day operations. We are delighted with our decision to add US Resources as our technology partner as they have consistently delivered highly responsive and timely service in critical situations.

Some examples of US Resources’ commitment to our success. GWMV has its own Security Force and when some of our security cameras went out, Juan, one of USR’s engineers, followed the documented procedures for contacting us. When Juan did not get an immediate response, he took the initiative and came onsite at 3:00 AM to further troubleshoot and fix the issue. During an unusually heavy storm in March of 2018, GWMV lost power. The storm also brought down trees that damaged several of the outdoor wireless access points. USR’s monitoring kept us apprised of the situation and their responsiveness allowed us to quickly recover from the outage.

USR has delivered as promised and has become a valuable part of our support team.

Shawn M. Connors George Washington’s Mount Vernon
Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Manager, Information Technology

Their personal service is like having my own (in-house) IT Staff

The single biggest benefit for my company is the quick response time to keep my computers up and running. I am an architectural firm that focuses on clients that need and expect their work turned around quickly. If I were to have computer down time this would put my business relationships in jeopardy, and USR’s staff has kept me up and running for seven consecutive years. Their personal service is like having my own (in-house) IT staff, yet they provide me with the extensive knowledge of a much larger company. The engineers at USR remember me and my set up. They treat me and all customers like close friends and I wouldn’t trust my business operations to anyone else. Nothing is worth the risk of losing my customers.

Stephen Smith testimonial photo Stephen Smith SASApc