Network Access Control

Protect Your Mobile Workforce and Remote Networks with Secured Access Control.


US Resources offers one of the first and only cloud-delivered NAC solutions available

The recent transformation of the American office has represented a golden opportunity for cyber criminals. Hackers are taking advantage of businesses everywhere, as corporate offices which traditionally held their full staff are now implementing "work from anywhere" policies. This has resulted in an unprecedented wave of ransomware attacks, malware, and high-profile corporate data breaches. Small businesses which were already vulnerable before the pandemic are now especially so: Roughly two-thirds of companies with fewer than 1,000 employees have experienced a cyber attack. Businesses everywhere must scramble to ensure their remote workers and essential IT resources remain available and secure.

US Resources aims to protect those businesses that need it most, offering cloud-delivered network access control that cuts costs and saves time by easily integrating with new or existing infrastructure.  Our NAC services cover network visibility, cybersecurity policy enforcement, regulatory compliance, and so much more!

Could your business withstand a cyber attack?

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Our Approach to Managed Security

US Resources, in partnership with Portnox, is among the select few MSP’s in the United States offering Portnox’s network access control (NAC) and network security solutions - providing 100% visibility and control over managed and unmanaged devices on your network (wired, wireless, and virtual). Cloud-delivered and on-premise NAC solutions eliminate sophisticated IoT threats to your WiFi, wired ports, and Remote Access VPN’s, covers all access layers and transforms networking to align with the needs of a remote workforce. Our newest security offering provides simple and fast deployment of network authentication and segmentation based on cloud repositories such as Azure AD and Okta, as well as other classic on-premise directories.

Our certified engineers are trained to deploy this software either on-premises, as a cloud-delivered service, or in hybrid mode. It’s vendor-agnostic, which allows organizations to maximize their existing network and cybersecurity investments. Hundreds of large enterprises around the world rely on NAC solutions for network visibility, cybersecurity enforcement, and regulatory compliance. Now small and medium enterprises can, too.