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See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us…

“Their personal service is like having my own (in-house) IT Staff. The single biggest benefit for my company is the quick response time to keep my computers up and running. I am an architectural firm that focuses on clients that need and expect their work turned around quickly. If I were to have computer down time this would put my business relationships in jeopardy, and USR’s staff has kept me up and running for seven consecutive years. Their personal service is like having my own (in-house) IT staff, yet they provide me with the extensive knowledge of a much larger company. The engineers at USR remember me and my set up. They treat me and all customers like close friends and I wouldn’t trust my business operations to anyone else. Nothing is worth the risk of losing my customers.“

Stephen Smith

“US Resources doesn’t talk in tech-speak. They explain what is needed in a way I understand so I don’t have this fear I’m being sold something I don’t really need. If you are looking for an IT support company that will provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on your business, then US Resources is the company for you. They don’t talk in tech-speak, they explain what is needed in a way that you can understand so that you aren’t fearful of being sold something you don’t really need. US Resources is knowledgeable, honest, and responsive. Other firms may say that, but USR backs it up every time..”

Louise Ferreras

“US Resources really stands out in their commitment to follow up, ensuring that we are satisfied with ALL of the work that they’ve performed. The single biggest benefit of having USR’s InfraKEY Managed Services Support Program is the peace of mind that it provides. We believe that we can count on US Resources to alert us of any issues with our servers and network before they become critical. US Resources really stands out in their commitment to follow up, and with ensuring that we are satisfied with all of the work that they’ve performed, whether it be a project or a service issue. If you are on the fence about whether to choose US Resources as your MSP, GO with US Resources. You’ll be glad that you did!“

Jeff Wease

US Resources Ensures Continuous Service for Your Business

When you sign up for US Resources’ professional cloud computing services, you’ll find:

Your business’s vital systems and data will be protected from loss, and even theft.

We’ll always be around 24/7 to serve your needs, and we’ll monitor your systems to prevent any problems in the first place.

With our built-in data backup and secure data storage, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data in the event of any disaster.

When you need to control and manage your systems, we give you user-friendly, intuitive tools to help you along the way.