How Important is it to Align Your Business Goals with Your IT Goals?

Goals you can achieve with IT services

In the fast-paced world of professional service firms, staying ahead of the competition requires a strong alignment between business objectives and IT strategies. Strategic IT planning, coupled with a collaborative partnership with managed service providers (MSPs), offers professional service firms a winning formula for success.

By implementing a fixed fee pricing model, MSPs have a direct stake in ensuring the firm’s infrastructure is efficient, secure, and reliable, as it directly impacts their own profitability. This alignment encourages MSPs to proactively monitor, maintain, and improve the firm’s IT environment, resulting in a higher level of service quality and responsiveness.

In this blog post, we will explore how strategic IT planning and client alignment can benefit professional service firms by sharing real-life stories of firms that have leveraged these approaches to their advantage, and firms that could have prevented major problems had they been on a fixed fee pricing model.

The Cost of Ignoring Recommendations

In the bustling offices of a prominent law firm, the IT infrastructure was crucial for their day-to-day operations. However, when US Resources, their trusted MSP, recommended updating the domain controller, the firm hesitated. Unconvinced of the necessity, they decided to forego the update. Unfortunately, their reluctance had severe consequences. The outdated domain controller failed, bringing down the entire network and leaving the firm paralyzed for an entire day. The cost of lost billable hours, downtime, and the subsequent services required to restore the environment amounted to over $10,000.

In contrast, had the law firm been on a top-tier fixed-fee contract (our White Glove program) with US Resources, they would have viewed the relationship as a strategic partnership. Under such an agreement, all services, including the recommended update, would have been covered. The firm would have recognized the importance of the recommendation, recognizing it as a necessity instead of an upsell opportunity, and avoided the costly downtime, fostering a more proactive and collaborative approach to their IT infrastructure management.

Furthermore, by establishing a strategic partnership with US Resources, the law firm would have gained access to valuable insights and guidance on technology roadmaps. The MSP’s expertise and understanding of the firm’s business objectives would have allowed them to proactively recommend solutions and investments that align perfectly with the firm’s current needs and goals, helping them stay competitive in their industry.

Seamless Transition and Cost Savings

For a large DC association, the transition to a fixed-fee support contract with US Resources proved to be a game-changer. Recognizing the importance of monitoring their IT infrastructure and embracing a strategic IT planning approach, they willingly approved all recommendations made by US Resources. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and forced offices to close, the association, like countless other businesses, found themselves in a troublesome position. However, thanks to their strategic partnership with US Resources and their proactive IT planning, they were able to seamlessly transition to a remote work model. The successful implementation of the cloud environment allowed employees to work efficiently from home, resulting in uninterrupted productivity and minimal disruptions to their operations.

As a result, the association realized the potential of their remote work model and decided to permanently eliminate their office space. This decision translated into substantial cost savings, as they no longer had to bear the expenses of maintaining physical premises. Without the need to maintain a brick-and-mortar office, they could redirect their resources towards other strategic initiatives and investments.

This newfound agility and flexibility allowed them to adapt to changing market dynamics and to deliver additional services that greatly enhanced the membership experience. By fostering a strategic partnership through a fixed-fee contract, the association benefited from US Resources’ expertise, ensuring their IT infrastructure was optimized for both current and future needs.

Why Fixed Fee Works

The stories above highlight the tangible benefits professional service firms can achieve by embracing strategic IT planning and developing a strong alignment with their MSPs. By proactively investing in their IT infrastructure, firms can enhance their competitiveness, streamline workflows, and uncover opportunities for digital transformation. The collaborative nature of a fixed-fee support contract fosters a partnership focused on mutual success, where MSPs are motivated to provide the highest level of service quality and responsiveness. This approach not only enhances the overall IT infrastructure of professional service firms, but also contributes to their long-term success and growth in an increasingly technology-driven business landscape.